Turvey Pre-School Playgroup

Tel. 01234 888970


How can parents help?

  • Show your child you are interested.   Talk to your child about Pre-School, enjoy his/her stories, praise artwork and display it at home.   Repeating what they have done at Pre-School is positive confirmation and enables learning.
  • Look at your child's Scrapbook and give your input to it.
  • Make sure your child is dressed appropriately in clothes that can survive paint, glue, water, etc. and soft shoes that will be safe on the climbing frame, and has the right clothes for outdoor play in all weathers!
  • Get involved.  You can do this in several ways: coming into a session to spend time with your child and other children, sharing books and playing together.  Or join our fundraising team or committee.....
  • Fundraising.   Funding and fees cover the basic running costs so for anything else we need to fundraise.  We do this to buy new resources and equipment, to offer extra activities, subsidise a trip or for major maintenance (eg central heating). Our committee decides on how money is spent along with staff.
  • Please do support our fundraising - check out our fundraising page for more information.
  • Join our Committee.   This is vital to the running of Pre-School and offers parents an insight into how pre-school runs and gives you opportunity to have a say.  It's also an interesting and valuable experience to add to your CV.   If you'd like to join or find out more, please speak to us.





email: admin@turveypreschool.org.uk