Turvey Pre-School Playgroup

Tel. 01234 888970



  • Mostly your child will 'learn through play'.  The best way to see this is to come and visit - please feel free to drop in.

  • We are good at planning activities which build on the children's preferences and stage of development and so each week we have a different theme.
  • Each session is based on a routine so children quickly become familiar and feel secure and confident, and feel able to try new things.

  • Each day we set out a range of activities which the children can choose from and can include  home corner,  sand and water play, books,  construction toys, table play, writing, physical and outdoor play.  

  • We encourage children to join in group activities too.  This develops their speaking and listening skills, concentration, self-confidence and respect for others.  The activities include  songs, rhymes and music, snack time, story time and   counting.
  • All of our work with the children is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which covers a child's education and development from 0 to the end of Reception year at school.


"a particular strength is the flexible approach to assessments and includes childrens individual needs.  This ensures they are offered relevant activities and are able to make good progess in all areas". Ofsted, November 2008.


email: admin@turveypreschool.org.uk